Getting Hopes Up

I was talking to a guy for a long time thinking he and I would last forever. In the end, he wasn’t what I expected. He didn’t tell me that he isn’t a believer in God anymore. He said it’s a scam and doesn’t want to be apart of it. In my case, I am a Christian who wants to have friends who are believers and want to marry a guy who is strong in his faith as much as I am or even more of a believer. 

I can get my hopes up easily and sometimes I have to remind myself that something like that would happen again possibly. Not everyone is like me who wants to marry a fellow Christian. I have made a list of qualities that I want in a future husband several times before and it helps me with my standards for a man. Don’t lose hope on finding your true love.

Break ups

Everyone has to deal with break ups. It is very hard to break up with someone that you love dearly. I’ve been through break ups myself. They are hard to pick up yourself and not trying to portray that you want to cry all day. 

One relationship that I was in it was really hard to get over the break up because that was the most serious relationship that I was in. The other relationships weren’t as serious because I knew that the guy would most likely stop talking to me after a little while. 

These days people think it’s stupid to be dedicated in a relationship. You are supposed to put effort into people who put effort into you. When you leave your lunch table to talk to someone else at a different table, those people would be talking trash about you. If they do that then they are not true friends.  True friends don’t talk bad about you behind your back. 

In one relationship, his friends did not support us in a relationship. They were turning him against me. His friends were always rude to me. I didn’t think that it was a problem for a while. Then I eventually just ended it when I got the guts to actually do it. Of course I enjoyed being in a relationship but it was bringing me down all the time.

In the end I am glad I am not with him anymore because we weren’t meant to be. Of course, I cried and was mad about it for a long time. Yes I had pictures of him and I together on my phone that I didn’t want to delete. I had to delete those pictures and videos to help me move on from the relationship. It is hard to move on from the relationship. Don’t rush into another relationship so you can make them hurt more for what ever really happened between the two of you. Take some time to heal from it and get to know yourself. Things do get better after a relationship.

Its Natural

I always used to joke around my friends and tease them by saying “All for one, one for all”. It was hard for me to explain this quote to everyone in my school, to everyone in my family and also among my younger generation. I have never discovered why it is hard, but I do often get asked are you single? Do you have girlfriend? Sometime you have to say Yes because here everyone expects you to have one. But one day I pulled this student Named Krishna for coffee talk. And I asked him about his experiences. He told me simply:

“Dude this is natural”.

I paused and thought about it, why it is natural to you and not to me. May be he believes that concept learned from personal experiences often present feelings of attraction towards other.  I asked him what is “Feelings of attraction”? “Dude this is natural” he said it again. Then this student Krishna opened up and he told me “love is god and god is love”. I thought myself lucky this student who has got name called Krishna. Krishna the Hindu god that represent love, blessings and teaching.

I asked him, how is she?, How does she look? He said me she has bright face, great smile and lovely eyes where entire world is hidden. She can present variety of looks but one of the classy look that has been highlight for me the day she had green shirt, with tied hair and beats headphone on.  I asked him how in the world you remember all this stuffs?

He again replied “Dude this is natural”

I asked him How the does it feel like feeling love? He said have you experienced wind?, I said i just walk in to this location blessed by Miles per hour wind which. He said yes, its like wind who comes and hit you. He also said that she mentioned him  about “Oklahoma wind”, that comes and exert force on you. He asked me you know why? I replied “Krishna that is just natural”. He laughed, i saw emotion in his face. Although I have not seen his girlfriend I could see her in his face.

After he left I kept on thinking about that lady, she must be god of joy and happiness. After all my professor once said “our deeper understanding of our inner feelings gives us clear philosophical concepts”. Yes after all it is natural. Whether you see her in person or whether you have never seen her I do know I have feelings for that lady. Yes, she is somewhere in this world waiting for me. Because god has chosen her for me and god has chosen me for her. Yes it is Natural and yes its is true god is love and love is god.



About this page

This page is about relationships. We will post things from our point of view. Everything is different for everyone. If you have any ideas of what we can post just comment in the comment section. You will hear stories from both male and female. We thought it was a great idea to give people ideas from both genders so it won’t feel so one sided. Hopefully it will help anyone for inspiration for any relationship that you will go through. 


As everyone knows thanksgiving is around the corner. It would be so cool to have a man to bring with you to the family meal. That is only if you had a special man in your life that you want to do it with. In my case, I only have guy friends and they aren’t that type of guy that is special enough to me. Of course, my this time in my life a lot of people are talking, dating, engaged, married and/or have kids already. I keep on seeing all of these Christmas movies on the hallmark channel. With a lot of those movies, there is a woman that is single or just broke up or broke off the engagement that she was in or her husband passed away then she moves or goes on a trip in the movie. When she is on the tip or in the new town she meets this special guy. She maybe stubborn and then falls in love with him. Well typically in the end they fall in love. I wish that has happened but it hasn’t happened. Yes I wish that type of thing happens. It may happen to some people but it doesn’t happen to everyone. It gets your hopes up for the holidays but some how you have to remind yourself that it may not happen. Also, if there was this hot guy then he might act like a jerk and not talk to you after so long. He might not reply the next day that you meet or he might. All in the end, you always want to stay true to yourself and it is okay to be single over the holidays. Yes it would be great to get your significant other some gifts but you just have to give it time to actually find that special someone.