As everyone knows thanksgiving is around the corner. It would be so cool to have a man to bring with you to the family meal. That is only if you had a special man in your life that you want to do it with. In my case, I only have guy friends and they aren’t that type of guy that is special enough to me. Of course, my this time in my life a lot of people are talking, dating, engaged, married and/or have kids already. I keep on seeing all of these Christmas movies on the hallmark channel. With a lot of those movies, there is a woman that is single or just broke up or broke off the engagement that she was in or her husband passed away then she moves or goes on a trip in the movie. When she is on the tip or in the new town she meets this special guy. She maybe stubborn and then falls in love with him. Well typically in the end they fall in love. I wish that has happened but it hasn’t happened. Yes I wish that type of thing happens. It may happen to some people but it doesn’t happen to everyone. It gets your hopes up for the holidays but some how you have to remind yourself that it may not happen. Also, if there was this hot guy then he might act like a jerk and not talk to you after so long. He might not reply the next day that you meet or he might. All in the end, you always want to stay true to yourself and it is okay to be single over the holidays. Yes it would be great to get your significant other some gifts but you just have to give it time to actually find that special someone.


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