Break ups

Everyone has to deal with break ups. It is very hard to break up with someone that you love dearly. I’ve been through break ups myself. They are hard to pick up yourself and not trying to portray that you want to cry all day. 

One relationship that I was in it was really hard to get over the break up because that was the most serious relationship that I was in. The other relationships weren’t as serious because I knew that the guy would most likely stop talking to me after a little while. 

These days people think it’s stupid to be dedicated in a relationship. You are supposed to put effort into people who put effort into you. When you leave your lunch table to talk to someone else at a different table, those people would be talking trash about you. If they do that then they are not true friends.  True friends don’t talk bad about you behind your back. 

In one relationship, his friends did not support us in a relationship. They were turning him against me. His friends were always rude to me. I didn’t think that it was a problem for a while. Then I eventually just ended it when I got the guts to actually do it. Of course I enjoyed being in a relationship but it was bringing me down all the time.

In the end I am glad I am not with him anymore because we weren’t meant to be. Of course, I cried and was mad about it for a long time. Yes I had pictures of him and I together on my phone that I didn’t want to delete. I had to delete those pictures and videos to help me move on from the relationship. It is hard to move on from the relationship. Don’t rush into another relationship so you can make them hurt more for what ever really happened between the two of you. Take some time to heal from it and get to know yourself. Things do get better after a relationship.


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