Everyone makes nicknames for their significant other when they are in relationships. Of course, some nicknames can be cute and sweet. Depending on the nickname it can be taken too far. 

When you say a certain nickname it can get annoying after a certain period of time. The period of time isn’t really calculated or determined I should say. How someone can get annoyed is by how you say it and how you mean it. Of course, you can say pookie bear but in reality it maybe not the ideal nickname that the person wants.

In the end, ask what they think of nicknames. Just generally talk about it with them. Ask them what some common nicknames and see what they think about them.

A nickname that comes from the heart is always the best solution in the end. If you do not mean it in the end then dont say it. Typically if you say it from the heart then the relationship will last longer.

Finding Out Signals

If your a guy like me you would understand that it could be difficult to figure out what the girl your with tries to discreetly signal you about something. You try very hard to interpret the signal though you don’t always get it right. The way she looks at you or the jesters that she makes there is so many that is hard to understand them all. She might say one thing but actually means something else entirely. The most difficult thing of all is that each girl has their own signals so that makes it more of a challenge to figure girls out. Though the ends justifies the means as we guys might not fully understand girls but they always make life more interesting.


Accepting can be talked about in a lot of different ways. For instance, accepting something about yourself can be hard when you grew up in an environment where it was all negative about body image. Yes that is hard but that’s not really the aspect that I am going to be talking about today. In a relationship, it’s important to accept who you are as a person and everything about the person who you are with. It’s not something that is a major key in a relationship but it does help in a relationship.

Having a significant other that is willing to help you to get to the point of loving your looks will definitely help. In a relationship, you have to accept each other for who they are. Which is a major key in any relationship you have with someone including yourself.