Super Power

You might be wondering why I titled this post super power. By the end, you will understand why it’s called that. 

Everyone in their life will fall in love and have a crush on someone at some point. When having a crush it happens a lot in elementary school and then it decreases over time. Basically years from when you had the crush, you might think the crush that you had was not that cute compared to the stage of life that you are now. You may say something like,” Dang, he is ugly! How did I have a crush on him on point blank so many years ago.”

Everyone has a super power of falling in love with someone at some point in their life. At times it can be hard to find your one true love. There are stories out their that people met their significant other when they were really young, or when they were in high school, or met in college. There is some stories about people meeting when they are in their 40’s or older.

Love is everyone’s super power. Everyone just has to learn how to use it and what it means to love.


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