How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Losing a guy very quickly is not a good thing. If you want a man to stay in your life then there are some things to avoid if you’re trying to keep him around.

For instance, in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days one of the ladies said that she loved him the second day that they have known each other. For one, she did say that she wanted to express her feelings. To a certain extent that is a good thing to express your feelings. You have to wait and see if the guy will last longer than 10 days.

If the guy seems disconnected then he is definitely a no go for dating for more than a month. How you can tell that he will most likely stay in your life is by seeing if he is not really distant.

Douche bag, player type of guys have the confident, condescending feel towards them. It will be harder to keep those type of guys around and a definitely stay away for boyfriends.

The men that you want to go for is the ones that will be willing to change those things about themselves and willing to grow more with you.

A guy who is more positive one a lot of different outlooks is always more of the go to boyfriend because the outlook for the relationship will last longer and will have a better effect for growing as a person for both him and yourself.

Another key thing about when you first meet a guy is to keep your standards high. If someone says lower your standards then they aren’t really there to support you in the long run. I had a past boyfriend who said to me that I had way too high of standards. That is another topic for another time. 

If you lower your standards for someone then you are not staying true to yourself.

Another idea is if you have sex within the first 2 dates then its another sign he would not talk to you anymore and seem distant after that. What I suggest is wait after like 10 dates or more to have sex. If you are one of those people who is saving that side of the relationship until you are married then that is awesome. Tell the guy you are not wanting a one night stand and want a true relationship with the guy. 

By doing that he will evaluate if you are worth the wait. Some guys will think if you are not worth it then they wont continue with you. 

If they seem like they are always focused on working then they are most likely focused on themselves and other women. You do not want a man that is focused on themselves and other women. 

What I suggest is writing down what you want in a guy and in a relationship. It will help you get clarity on some 0f the things that you want in the future. Stay true to yourself, and what you want. It will definitely help you in the long run.

Super Power

You might be wondering why I titled this post super power. By the end, you will understand why it’s called that. 

Everyone in their life will fall in love and have a crush on someone at some point. When having a crush it happens a lot in elementary school and then it decreases over time. Basically years from when you had the crush, you might think the crush that you had was not that cute compared to the stage of life that you are now. You may say something like,” Dang, he is ugly! How did I have a crush on him on point blank so many years ago.”

Everyone has a super power of falling in love with someone at some point in their life. At times it can be hard to find your one true love. There are stories out their that people met their significant other when they were really young, or when they were in high school, or met in college. There is some stories about people meeting when they are in their 40’s or older.

Love is everyone’s super power. Everyone just has to learn how to use it and what it means to love.